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Jay Hegland Opens Up: Part 2

in Life Coach

Let me introduce you to Jay Hegland, a boat captain, former pro-golfer and college athlete. Growing up in the Florida Keys, playing college golf in Hawaii and then doing a few Pro Tours, Jay's had a pretty cool life.

Jay is incredibly honest when he speaks about his regrets. He wishes he’d played harder, trained more, and got more into the mental aspect of the game, which isn't uncommon.

We all have those days where we look back and start to feel regret, but that isn't always the best way to view our lives. As we mature emotionally, we often come to realize that life is truly about the journey and it’s never too late to change.

So don't sit in those regrets. Instead, turn them into lessons and use them to help you keep going as you continue to learn and grow on this challenging and yet fascinating journey called LIFE!