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College Baseball: How to prepare.

in Life Coach

Today's episode is a huge lesson on being proactive., college athletics and the mental game.

I zoomed with Luke Barrientos, a senior in high school getting ready to play D-3 baseball at Vassar College. This year was a bit more difficult due to COVID-19 and it came down to him being proactive and persevering despite the college application process being a completely new experience for him.

The biggest take away I had from this conversation was that Luke wasn't just proactive while applying to the school, he was also ahead of the game by reaching out to individuals on the team to learn about the culture of Vassar Baseball.

Just a few extra calls show how much of a team player Luke is and it emphasizes how serious he's taking this awesome opportunity.

This type of proactivity and forward thinking demonstrate that Luke will no doubt do well as he enters this new s