Looking deeper still and conducting, further research into this area, I was taken to work by Hansen & Gorton (2013); they critiqued numerous analytical definitions of ‘affect’ provided by Shouse (2005), Blackman & Cromby (2007), Clough (2007), Cvetkovich (2003), Ahmed (2010), Highmore (2010), and Stewart and Wissinger (2007).,However, regarding ‘affect’, I found this definition by Hansen & Gorton’s (2013 p34) a cause for concern, especially when considering videogames and games design:

“the slipperiness of the term and its usage within academic study” and “the notion of in-between-ness and liminality is structured into the definition of affect and makes coming to full interpretations of emotion online increasingly impossible.”,As the main area of focus within the theoretical framework of my PhD is Games Design within the context of videogames, doubt was instilled within me by Hansen & Gorton’s secondary research.,Hansen & Gorton go onto further analyse this, considering that “affect is a sort of glue”; when applied to ideas, values and objects (such as videogames), they can be affective and remain with us throughout life, both as individuals and as a means of “sustaining gatherings of people or ideas” i.e. the audiences themselves.,As ‘People’ are a key object of study within my research, I therefore decided to firstly preface addressing any further research into ‘affect’ along with research into the ‘videogame design and development process’ by researching and reviewing the existing organisational structures within which these ‘people’ (i.e. ‘the game developers’) work. read more

Let’s get into what types of motivation are out there, and which are the most beneficial for cultivating employee, customer, and company success.,When your employees feel that they are purposefully working towards their goals within your company, and that their current role aligns with their personal goals, they feel more motivated to “keep it up”.,Extrinsic motivators are the things that typically come to mind when you think “employee motivation”, i.e raises, bonuses, and benefits.,When times are tough and you are not able to provide your employees with the financial rewards they expect, what will serve as their motivation to continue to perform at the same level they had been when they were receiving such rewards?,How to Motivate with Other Forms of External Rewards:

Benefits read more

In particular we need: confidence in the scientific evidence base, an adequate understanding of the health benefits that are likely to accrue from behavioural change, an understanding of the barriers to change – the reasons why interventions may fail to be effective, and an appreciation of the possible unintended consequences of change.,Accordingly there is also a need for evidence of mechanism: a detailed understanding of the pathways and mechanisms by which a particular behaviour can result in a particular health outcome.,Such mechanistic understanding can give insights, for instance, into the particular groups in society that are likely to benefit from behavioural change, the kinds of intervention that are most likely to be effective, other ‘unintended’ consequences of behavioural change and the likely barriers to change.,These engage a very wide range of questions, including, for instance, how our brains recognise and respond to different food constituents, how our brains decide how much energy and other nutrients we will need for the day ahead and how early life experiences affect our behaviour as adults.,These included investigating the effects of hormonal signals on particular brain pathways (brain imaging), how dietary interventions in children affect their food preferences and how different food compositions affect signalling from the gut to the brain and influence hunger and satiety.

It's an employee's market out there now so there's reason for concern but, if they do it right, small business owners can compete for talent better than ever before.,This is actually positive news for business owners, especially when hiring employees under the age of 40.,This is where small business owners can get creative, finding ways to better engage employees with a culture that supports their professional and personal goals.,In other good news for small business owners, verbal recognition goes a long way for today's employees.,Small business owners tend to believe that since they cannot afford these benefits, they also cannot afford the employees who rely on them.

In sports, extrinsic motivation is when an athlete is motivated by rewards such as money, objects, attention and fame.,In sports, intrinsic motivation is when an athlete is motivated to be the best they can be simply because they want to see what they're truly capable of.,While many athletes' motivation are a mix of extrinsic and intrinsic, and certain extrinsic motivations can increase intrinsic motivation, a significant amount of intrinsic motivation is present in the vast majority of high-achieving athletes.,The Association for Applied Sport Psychology says athletes who are mainly intrinsically motivated generally see less changes in motivation over time, are less distracted, exhibit better focus, and experience less stress when mistakes are made compared to athletes who are mainly extrinsically motivated.,Staying motivated is a constant challenge, but remembering your "why" behind your actions and setting goals (both short- and long-term) will keep you waking up at 5 a.m. for workouts, staying late after practice to run more sprints, or doing more reps than what's required in the weight room and practice.

Those lyrics are reflected in one stark statistic given to us by Gallup in their State of the Global Workplace report: 85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work.,If I were to put Ms. Tempest’s lyrics in front of you and say, “This is what one of your employees is saying about their job.”,In short, he explains that the distinction between these two kinds of motivations looks like this:

Extrinsic motivation is the kind of motivation driven by the promise of some external reward, (e.g., a paycheck, a pay raise or the fear of losing a job).,Called the SEEKING system, it is “believed to function as an objectless appetitive system — a ‘goad without a goal’ — until the exploratory disposition it produces leads to the discovery and learning of useful regularities.”,According to the Gallup data, the majority of the disengaged employees still show up and do their jobs (i.e., enough to get the extrinsic reward of the paycheck). read more

Monday's Canucks-Flyers game in Philadelphia featured a scary moment during the third period that required Vancouver defenseman Alexander Edler be removed on a stretcher.,About halfway through the final period, Edler got his stick lodged in the skate of Flyers forward Jakub Voracek and was dragged to the ice.,Here's a look at the replay:

The situation grew worrisome when Edler remained motionless on the ice for a few moments, but the Canucks' medical staff was able to get him on a stretcher (seated up) and to the locker room for evaluation.,As he was being escorted off the ice, it became clear that a cut had opened up on Edler's face and he was bleeding pretty heavily.,Edler didn't return to the game but he was reportedly able to walk out of the trainer's room under his own power. read more

Foskey, a four-star defensive end from De La Salle High School in Concord, Calif., became the final member of Notre Dame’s 2019 recruiting class, joining 21 players who signed during the early period in December.,The Illini added a pair of linebackers to the 11 players they signed in December, getting the day started by announcing the signing of four-star prospect Shammond Cooper from St. Louis’ Trinity Catholic High School.,Three-star linebacker Tarique Barnes of Memphis, Tenn., brought the class to 13 players.,In terms of average player rating, Illinois’ class ranks seventh in the conference, and its three four-star signees — including cornerback Marquez Beason and quarterback Isaiah Williams — trail only five Big Ten teams.,Illinois was considered a likely landing spot for Cooper thanks to his strong ties with Cory Patterson, his former high school coach who is now an Illini assistant coach, and Williams, his high school teammate who signed with the Illini in December.

At Kigezi High School Primary in Kabaare, I was privileged to meet a boy called John Busingye (not his real name.),I often think of Rwangakubohwa, Busigye and Gahwera, good examples of our lost intellectual treasures, victims of a culture with no room for variation from a narrow path prescribed for growing children.,However, very many children are lost to the world because society fails to identify their unique needs for custom-tailored education and behaviour support.,I suspect that there are very many children who are struggling in Uganda’s traditional school system, without access to meaningful education and other opportunities that maximise their intellectual and creative potential.,Parents and teachers are uniquely placed to recognise these gifted children and to offer them education opportunities that focus on their strengths and interests, utilizing the vast knowledge and experience that have come to light since the days of Rwangakubohwa, Busingye and Gahwera.

To Captain America, a Boston native, Tom Brady is the goat.,To Paul Pierce, a fellow Boston sports legend, he’s an out of this world talent.,Brady led New England to a 37-31 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.,The Patriots advanced to Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, where they will face the Los Angeles Rams as Brady tries to claim his sixth Lombardi Trophy.