Starting Monday, the Los Feliz native will host Daily Wager, a daily program on ESPNews airing at 3 p.m. and available for streaming on the ESPN app.Its the first regularly scheduled program from the Walt Disney Co.s sports media behemoth solely dedicated to gaming-related information and data on upcoming contests, and it likely wont be the last as legal sports betting spreads throughout the country.The Supreme Court ruling in May that legalized sports betting is expected to be a boost for sports talk shows, which are the low-cost moneymakers for outlets that need programming to supplement their live play-by-play telecasts.,Open discussion of odds, point spreads and other analytical data related to wagering on pro and college games each night could potentially energize the format for an audience that has a financial stake in the outcomes.The changes in the law open up an entirely new genre of entertainment, said Patrick Rishe, director of the sports business program at Washington University in St. Louis.Other sports networks are already on the bandwagon.,WarnerMedias digital sports website Bleacher Report announced last month that it is building a studio inside Caesars Palace in Las Vegas where it will produce gaming-related content.But as the countrys leading source of sports programming, ESPN, with its entry into gaming-themed shows, is marking the strongest indication yet of an attitudinal shift toward a once-verboten subject on which sports TV coverage has traditionally tread lightly.A daily ESPN show is an important milestone, said Lee Berke, president of the consulting firm LHB Sports, Entertainment Media.,ESPNs SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt has a popular segment called Bad Beats, which humorously focuses on heartbreaking, last-minute plays that result in teams failing to cover the spread.Van Pelt sidekick Steve Coughlin will be one of the contributors to Daily Wager along with ESPN radio host Chris The Bear Fallica, gambling industry reporter David Purdum, Las Vegas-based handicapper Preston Johnson, fantasy football analyst Anita Marks and sports betting expert Joe Fortenbaugh.Rishe believes programs that provide usable data for bettors have the potential to draw younger viewers who have drifted away from traditional TV for sports news.,After graduating with a degree in economics from Brown University, he immersed himself in the analytics and data related to gaming and became an expert as a sports journalist in Las Vegas, where the home team is betting, he said.While wager-related data crunched by ESPNs statistic and information group will line the screen during Daily Wager, Kezirian said the programs content will still be accessible to the non-betting fan.Were still in Year 1 of legalization and I think there is a new audience that is open-minded to the space, so we want to be inclusive, he said.

What would you do differently if you were named the chief executive officer (CEO) of your company tomorrow?,A candidate’s answer to this question provides many insights into how the person thinks about the company, the competitive landscape and the job of CEO.,When a company board selects the next CEO, directors often deliberate on the candidates’ experience.,While there are many capabilities a board might look for in the next CEO, here are the five subtle must-have traits that influence a CEO’s success:

1) Executive Presence: This is not just looking the part.,However, even leaders with most relevant business expertise and experience can struggle to get the best performance from the organization without an executive presence, the ability to read an audience, a healthy sense of humor, savvy time management and a consistent message. read more

The first time my stories were out there.,When I was young, my maximum engagement, as a person, was with stories more than people around me which was a very strange thing.,If you pick up a love story in the 80s and you pick up a love story of today, the basic plot is going to be the same thing– girl meets boy, they cannot be together and there is a conflict and finally, they resolve that conflict and come together.,Cinema and stories are primarily a reflection of the times we are in.,Having said that, my latest movie that came out, Kedarnath, a lot of people got up and said this is the same old Hindu-Muslim cliché story.