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MARION, Iowa (KCRG) – Linn-Mar Senior swimmer Tristan Bohn is a special needs student who has Autism, Tourettes Disorder and several other challenges. He is also full of energy and loves to swim.
You will see him in the pool every morning swimming lap after lap with his Linn-Mar teammates.
“What I like about swimming is feeling the water and relaxing and also swimming my best,” Bohn said.
Tristan works hard in the pool and is really good technically, even mastering the flip turns.
“I practice my flip turns a lot,” he said. “Just swimming under the water in streamlining. We try everything we can to be good swimmers.”
Linn-Mar swimming coach Tom Belin said Bohn is just like any other swimmer.
“If you talk to him about what needs to happen and technique improvement, he’s really quick to pick up on it,” Coach Belin said. “He’s actually probably one of the best para swimmers in the country for his age group.”
Tristan loves competing with his Linn-Mar teammates and has developed a special bond with fellow Senior David Rubin who has been good friends with Tristan since 6th grade and even drove him to practice everyday last year.
“He drove me here last year, and he let me join his lane, and he sometimes swims with me,” Bohn said.
“Yeah, it is definitely a good intrinsic motivation, that someone really trusts you, but really it’s just about being there for each other,” Rubin said.
David is more than just a good teammate to Tristan, but David is not alone in his love and admiration for Tristan. The whole team cheers him on.
Tristan is more important to the Linn-Mar swim team than you can imagine.
“He just inspired me because I know we have our own struggles in the pool,” teammate Gavin Beech said. “Just he pushes so hard and help put it perspective because I know that some of my struggles just don’t equate to what he has to do.”
“Tristan really inspires me to push myself every day in the pool,” teammate Jacob Miller said. “I see him swim as hard as he can all the time. It was just really amazing to see him go so far in the four years. He is probably the biggest motivator on the team. If you have Tristan on your back you can do anything.”
This is Tristan’s final year at Linn-Mar, but probably not his last in the pool.
“So even though I won’t be swimming here next year because I’ll be done with school, and I am a senior, I may still keep swimming,” Bohn said.
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