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How to get a Gun License in India? By Avika Jaini

However, the Government of India restructured the rules in 2016 which proved to be the biggest paradigm shift since the inception of the Arms Act.

What is the process of obtaining a gun license?

The first step under section 13 is obtaining a gun license is filing an application for it. This application form can be procured from the district superintendent of the police of that particular state.

The next step is the thorough background check that is conducted on the applicant by the police. They will check for any past records of criminal activity that the applicant might have and examine the same.

They will also verify the address given on the application along with a exhaustive investigation conducted into the applicant’s  personal life.

This entails speaking to  the neighbours and other people in the applicant’s life to see if any kind of malicious treatment has been witnessed or if they have seen the person getting involved in fights due to unjustifiable anger.

The consecutive steps involve a health checkup being administered to determine the physical and mental well being of the applicant. This is followed by a personal interview conducted by the DCP. One of the most significant questions asked is the reason for wanting a gun.

Self defence is stated to be the most acclaimed and accepted purpose. Another highly claimed reason is for protection against wild animals. The report from the interview is sent to both the the national crime record bureau and the crime branch by the DCP for the purpose of running a check with relevant records.

If all the above-mentioned steps are followed and the DCP is satisfied with the relevant information, a civilian can get a gun license. For the actual procurement of a gun, the customer must contact a verified gun dealer and book a pre-order at any licensed shop of their choice.

However, one must remember that licenses whose jurisdiction spans through all the states are issued in rare cases, and thus, most licenses are valid only in a particular district or state.

The usual waiting period for a customer to receive their gun is two months, however in certain cases, it goes upto three months depending on the manufacturing system of a particular factory.

What documents are required for applying for a gun license?

The following are the documents required to be submitted for applying for a gun license:

What is the procedure for renewing a gun license?

In the case, someone wishes to renew the gun license, there is a renewal form available for their perusal. The applicant is obligated to produce the weapon along with the gun license. They must also produce all other documents given during the initial procurement of the license.

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