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Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston’s 116-109 victory over Phoenix.
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RE: On tonight’s game:
“Well, to our guy’s credit, after a super uninspired 3 quarters, I thought we were really good late. We stayed together. That’s not fair; a super uninspired 2 quarters. I thought we came out in the third quarter with a lot of effort and a lot of toughness and we actually had some plays not go our way or it could have been 6 or 8 going into the fourth. As it was, we stuck with it and I told Igor we didn’t deserve to win the game but it was a great individual performance by Kyrie certainly and Morris hit another huge shot for us but we have a long way to go.”RE: On shot to tie in regulation:
“It was a great pass. I don’t know how close everyone was sitting but the cut was amazing. The cut is what drew two people and then he (Kyrie) just had to make the right read and the right read was to pass it and Morris knocked it in.”

RE: On last shot in regulation:
“Coach drew up a great play. He figured they would probably go with him (Kyrie) because he carried us in that fourth quarter and they both went and I was wide open.”RE: On beating Phoenix:
“I felt good. I’ve been past what happened in Phoenix. I love Phoenix man, the three days I had out here were great: I got to sit in the sun. They’re moving in the right direction, really good friends with J. Jones. He’s a perfect guy for the fit. I hope they have good things down the road. I’m finished with all that.”
RE: On Phoenix at end of game:
“You could tell they got tight. Devin Booker played a good game and he did well as he’s been doing but you could tell. They got a little sticky right there.”

RE: On tonight’s game:
“That’s who we are. The second half team that showed up, not so much worried about the shots going in but finding the right shot, the right player at the right time and just trusting that each of us we’re going to be selfless; just staying with the mindset that we can win the game. That team in the second half, I know who that is. The team in the first half, that’s not a team we want to consistently be on any stage. We just learned a lot about being resilient. I think it was just a choice of attitude and effort going forward from that point, coming out at halftime and obviously a different line up, a different pace of the game.” RE: On his performance:
“It just took my teammates, being in the right spots, knowing our matchups, knowing that we were switching things on the fly, being able to communicate. We had to make adjustments. Obviously D. Book: supreme, supreme talent, just making big shots which we can live with but we just have to trust what we’ve got going out there on our communication level on the defensive end and we’ll be fine offensively. We’ll move the basketball and trust the right person will get the ball and just keep swinging like that .”

RE: On tonight’s loss:
“We, as coaches, we talk about a game sometimes. I’m not saying it’s better to lose by a high margin than losing an overtime game that you had a lead, twenty-two points I think we had. You know, we just ran out of gas. We were fatigued, tired. That’s where mental break-downs came into place. A lot of positive things. If we come up with this mindset with playing together and playing right away, you know we can play a lot of good teams in this league. And, obviously that wasn’t the case. I wish we landed the plane, I wish we closed the game better, and it was little things. You know, one possession, one not switching. Maybe that possession where they had those five offensive rebounds until they made a three. So, it’s a lot of positive things, like I said. A lot of stuff that we can see as a team. You know, if we play the right way, and we play hard. We need each other and we can compete with any team in this league. And a bitter taste in out mouth after losing overtime loss.”RE: On playing TJ Warren:
“It was a part of the game plan. We obviously knew they have guys who were the size, length and ability that we actually, we knew that TJ’s going to be the guy who can give us also that mobility when on the perimeter. And we can switch a lot when they’re switching, so it was the right thing for us to do. And that part, I think he did a great job.”RE: On planning to potentially foul Kyrie on the three-pointer:
“You take the blame and responsibility as a coach. You know, we’re leaving hardly, we have to know what’s the coverage. The coverage was to block any ball screen, which is switching, and also any catch that far off from the three-point line is to foul. So, if you ask me what I believe as a coach, because, you know, a lot of coaches didn’t believe in the different things I believe in, foul. But they have to be careful also when they committed that foul because you know Kyrie was going downhill, very sneaky. And, right now, the way they’re calling shooting foul is you’ve got to trust your guys, so the call was a foul.”RE: On the Boston Celtics:
“We knew that we’re playing a very good team. A team who is athletic, they know how to play. They know how to play, they can spread the floor, the guys can play-make and shoot the ball. So, we understood that we had to come out with the right mindset, with aggressiveness. Like I said, the issue in the locker room, the issue right now is that we need each other. We need each other because that’s the only way we can compete and win the games.”RE: On the Suns’ poor fourth quarter performance:
As I mentioned several times, you question as a coach every decision that you make when you lose by one or lose in overtime. You know it was a weak start in the fourth quarter and being fatigued, I still would stay with the same group who played well. But obviously being tired in the crunch time kind of affected our aggressiveness and being able to take to the basket, you know, basically finishing in crunch time. I think just turnovers was happening when the guys were tired, but I would still stick with the same group and I would stick with the same game plan.”

RE: On what went wrong in the fourth quarter:
“We just fell apart down the stretch. I think we were up 16 or 18 with five minutes to go. We kept giving up quick buckets, quick three pointers, miscommunications on defense, too easy shots. A little bit of everything. If you blow a 16-point lead in five minutes, a lot has to be wrong.”RE: On Boston’s resiliency:
“They got comfortable. Instead of putting a team away, giving them life. They are a team that when they have that life and momentum, they build on it. They have the talented players over there. They can turn it on. That’s what they did tonight.”RE: On the response for next game:
“We got to play our next game even harder.”

RE: On the team’s effort:
“Everybody played pretty well. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the win, but everybody played pretty well. Energy was good and everybody was scrambling, so the effort was good. We just got to stay consistent with it.”RE: On this game being a step in the right direction:
“Oh yeah, for sure. The season is still young. We still are feeling out each other. Like I said, everybody came to play from the start to finish. Better to give our energy at 100 percent, so that’s what we did tonight.”RE: On his success early on in the game:
“Just my team did a good job of finding me in spots and just being myself out there and staying aggressive and try to stay efficient on both ends of the floor.”RE: On his mind set to start a game:
“Honestly, it’s always the same. Always come with a lot of energy and just play for my teammates, play for the coaching staff and just be myself out there.”

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