The Wonders of International Traveling

This New York Times Travel section article on Malta reminded me of why international travel is so amazing! The more you experience, the more you know! People who travel a lot and interact with different people, cultures and civilizations often learn that the world is dynamic, complex and super-interesting. Too many of us are bored in our every day lives. With so much diversity and so much to learn we can learn to live without ever being bored. Developing a sense of wonder, awe, and curiosity along with an expansive mindset is a foundation to really living. Not only have I traveled internationally quite often but I’ve lived in many different parts of the United States and loved it! It’s an amazing world and the U.S. is a big country – the more open minded and adventurous we are, the more we experience the wonder!

A Great Way to Live

Remo Ruffini talks about his likes and dislikes in this 20 Odd Question edit by J.J. Martin of The Wall Street Journal. I like reading about entrepreneurs in general and this article caught my eye. He states: “A man with ugly socks is telling me that he doesn’t have elegance.” I don’t normally associate elegance with men or read about fashion but reading that quote had me stretch my mind a little. Can straight men still be elegant and masculine at the same time? I found myself wondering. I will give it some more thought and pay more attention now – that’s the beauty of opening one’s mind to new concepts and ideas, a great way to live!