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Calvin Klein's minimalist Southhampton palace

Several things struck me about this article in the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times. First, his unbelievable attention to detail, his insistence on doing it over and over with full scale mockups and his complete desire for perfection. I know almost nothing about Calvin Klein or design for that matter but I do know people and many successful people share similar traits: the desire for perfection, a relentless work ethic, perseverance, and the drive to get things right even if they have to piss people off along the way (take forever to build, create traffic jams, etc..) I couldn’t help but wonder, however, with all that need for perfection if Mr. Klein is capable of “Being.” In other words, can he enjoy the now?  Many overachiever personality types have little capacity for enjoyment. Some, on the other hand, are so enraptured by their work that they find a kind of ecstasy in their “doing.”

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