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Having come from the putting green at Rancho Park golf course in the heart of LA, I headed for the little diner inside to enjoy a meal when I came across Whole Person, a free magazine devoted to spirituality. Dr. Judith Orloff, a well-known psychiatrist and psychic/intuitive, is on the cover of the July 2014 edition. Drawn intuitively to her article I read in fascination as her perspective on love, life, and business resonated deeply with my own. She describes herself as an Empath. I too describe myself that way having opened to my intuitive, heart-based side years ago. The downside of such sensitivity to the energy of others is that sometimes we take it on. Working with angry and negative clients can literally make me feel sick at the end of a day.

I especially loved Judith’s perspective on honoring yourself by setting clear boundaries and saying no to others when appropriate. As a natural giver, I struggled with this throughout my twenties and thirties. At 47, I feel comfortable in my own skin and more self-aware and balanced than at any point in my life. Of course, becoming whole is a journey and yet the more I open to my intuitive voice and follow my heart the better I feel. No surprise this is the basis upon which I teach and help others! Thank you Dr. Orloff for your Being and your desire to make a real difference on this planet!!

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