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I recently read an article in the Westport News by Mark Mathias on the years of hard work, dedication, decisions, and obstacles involved in the successful landing of the Mars rover, Curiosity. “While we all learn from our mistakes,” he said, “it’s fair to say that the successes are a whole lot more fun.”

Yesterday, I was on the golf course with my twin brother and he asked me how to overcome the all the mistakes he’s made in his life, especially those regarding his trading account. “As you are know,” I said, “We can’t take back the past. The best we can do to overcome the past, is to focus on two things; creativity and presence. By being more present and creative, we will build new neuropathways to replace the old one’s that are running regret, shame, anger, negativity, and a host of other negative thoughts and emotions that are counterproductive to success in life and business.” He nodded several times and said, “It’s not easy.”

“No, it is not,” I replied.

In other words, I was asking him to learn how to drive deeper and deeper into the present moment and to focus on becoming more and more creative. Creativity in his word is related to making money. In my world, it is primarily related to making a difference in people’s lives and to writing.

Last week, I beat a former club champion in this years local club championship by birdying the last two holes to come from four down after nine holes to win on the 18th hole. The next day, I lost to last years club champion by messing up the last two holes. I experienced both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in one weekend. The more I focused on the success of what I had accomplished in the first round, the happier I felt. The more I focused on the failure, the worse I felt. Life is a whole lot easier and ultimately more successful when we learn to consistently focus on the here and now and to shift our focus to what we want to create and experience next when we are not in the here and now. Landing the rover on Mars was not easy but well worth it. So is this!

Link to the original article in the Westport News

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