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Dr. Brett - Life Coach - Finding a Consistent Means of Inspiration

I have a client who has experienced a bruising decade long battle with his wife due to her anger, alcoholism and blame. Despite my client’s many efforts to get her help and get control over their financial situation, she refused. Eventually they got divorced but not before his finances were decimated, his health impaired, and his family torn apart.  Nevertheless, I still asked him what he could do that would inspire him? Given his state of affairs and the anger he felt both towards himself and his wife, this was no easy question. And yet, he looked at me intently and said, “my writing, I could get back to writing.”

All of us have many things that we would like to do over, or take back in our lives. This is natural. Wisdom; essentially a deep understanding of what is right and the ability to make the best decision in any given situation, takes decades to develop for most of us. Some people clearly die without it.  Having survived a devastating health crisis in my own life, I now fully realize how important it is to feel inspired.

Waking up each day feeling inspired, lit up with a sense of purpose, is fundamental to happiness. Some people get inspired by parenting, others by teaching, and some by taking long hikes or watching gorgeous sunsets.  One key to a truly successful life is to discover what inspires you and find a way to incorporate that inspiration into your life on a daily basis. If we have a dream we are working towards then inspiration comes naturally. If we become knocked off our path, lose our dream or feel blocked from creating our dream in the first place, we must create a new dream.

The client I described earlier derived a significant amount of self-worth from being a provider. His marital situation torpedoed him in this regard. Being a conscientious parent was important to him but not enough to keep him from pounding himself for the mistakes he had made. He needed something else. Writing for him was both cathartic and creative. It is a start.

So what motivates you? What inspires you to be great? What can you do every day that will have feel more alive? Discovering a consistent and reliable source of inspiration and motivation is essential to your continued success and happiness.

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