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“At a time when many laid-off workers have to take a pay cut to land a new job, members of the millennial generation are jumping ship from their companies after just two years,” as stated in an article I just read in the Los Angeles Times. What does this mean?

As many of us already know, the business climate has changed a great deal since the recession of 2008. Americans, in general, are making less money and working more, finding it harder than ever to land compelling opportunities. I have friends and clients who got “spit out” of corporate America during the recession and have had a super-challenge getting back in. This is especially true if they are older. Not long ago, a cable TV channel interviewed me regarding my perspective on the best ways help discouraged job seekers in their forties and fifties. The essence of what I said boiled down to two things: creativity and perseverance.

Let’s discuss creativity first. Creativity implies that we are willing to do things that are new and different. Spending a few moments each day visualizing the outcomes you want is a form of creativity. So is networking in ways that you never have before. Instead of meeting several people a week, it might mean that you step up your game and meet five to ten people a week. Some might ask; how can I do this? Almost everyone knows several hundred people. Many of those people know several hundred others. You get the idea. I like to teach people to network without attachment to any individual outcome but with an overall intention for the process. It’s what I refer to as Networking In the Here and Now. When we meet someone new, it is important to focus on being present, engaging, and genuinely interested in them, contributing to their lives when appropriate. This style inspires others to want to help us.

Those who quit never succeed unless quitting is an intentional act to focus your energies elsewhere. It is fundamental to never give up, though sometimes we need to be flexible switching gears when something is clearly not working. For example, if you are pounding your head against the wall trying to get a job in a field that is already saturated, then it might be time to consider other options. Staying positive in the face of rejection is another form of perseverance. So is patience!

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