The Foundation of Success

It’s been an amazing year of tight finishes as the Sports section of the Sunday New York Times highlights! Tom Brady is on the cover for a reason. The Patriots have been especially good at winning in the last seconds or on the final drive! I love watching football on tv for a variety of reasons: players play hard, coaches work hard, careers are short, greatness is rewarded and great finishes make it all the better! I often use football analogies when coaching clients, even non-athletes. I talk a lot about the foundation of success: eating right, exercising, meditating, and being proactive! The more we focus on what we want and do the necessary work involved, the more likely we will achieve it. This is what Tom Brady does!

Power And Politics

I find international politics and business fascinating. Each week, I read about Vladimir Putin somewhere. His grip on power in Russia is extraordinary and his strategic moves are equally fascinating! For instance, he gave Edward Snowden, the former U.S. government contractor, asylum in Russia basically giving President Obama and The United States the middle finger. In his latest move, he pardoned Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the billionaire tycoon imprisoned ten years ago on dubious charges of tax evasion. He seems like the ultimate power broker often out-maneuvering his western counterparts. On the one hand, he seems clever and bold. On the other hand, he seems downright diabolical. As a nation, Russia seems to repeat the same patterns (early childhood dynamics) over and over like most people do. With a long history of dictatorial and authoritarian rule, not all that much has changed. Changing old patterns, whether it is for an individual or a country is never easy. It takes time, patience, commitment, and desire. For now, much of that desire seems to be lacking in Russia or perhaps, it is simply too dangerous. All things change, however!

Inspiring People

Not only have I enjoyed Jim Nantz’s sports broadcasting over the years but I have met him personally! Several times, I’ve ran into him at the Organic Market in Westport, CT where I currently reside. He is also a member of Stanwich Golf Club in Greenwich, CT. Once, I saw him on the putting green there and introduced myself. He offered me his membership number to charge food on him if I wanted? I politely declined but was impressed with his spontaneous generosity, something I practice and teach. Five minutes later, he provided commentary like he does on television as I prepared to tee off. I nailed a three wood two hundred and forty yards right down the middle of the fairway only to chunk a wedge once he was out of sight five minutes later. I will never forget that experience and I’d like to congratulate him on the his dedication and service to game of golf and beyond. The world is a better place with guys like Jim Nantz in it!

The Power of Traveling

I’ve been working on a novel for nearly two years now and I find that when I travel I tend to write more and more effortlessly! There are a billion reasons to travel but several stand out: getting out of your all too familiar local area no matter how cool it is tends to free the mind and offer new stimulating opportunities that free creativity! The other is that you can meet new or different people and learn different perspectives on life and business. Obviously, you don’t need to travel for this but often the act of going some place new and different opens the mind and Spirit! Sometimes, my girlfriend and I just drive up the Connecticut coast. Other times, I travel solo or do travel writing gigs! The picture above is of South Florida where I am currently experiencing a short break from the bitter cold, visiting friends, and writing!

Starting Over

David Miliband, the former British politician, is reinventing himself in New York working for The International Rescue Committee, a nonprofit focused on helping the world of refugees. This Sunday Styles article made me think about the need to stay flexible and fluid in life and business, something I teach often. After losing the Labor Party leadership to his brother, he moved to New York with his family to start over. He’s obviously a smart, talented guy but the important message for you and me is that’s it’s never too late to reinvent oneself. It takes passion, patience and perseverance for many, especially if we are less talented and less connected. But what’s the alternative? Stagnation? Medication? Limbo? No way!

Lessons in Leadership

I read the Corner Office by Adam Bryant every Sunday in The New York Times business section because I enjoy his interviews with business leaders. This week he interviewed Dara Richardson-Heron, the chief executive of Y.W.C.A. In terms of career advice, Ms. Richardson-Heron states: “I tell them life is not fair. Make the best of the cards you are dealt. I also tell them it’s important not to feel entitled or to think people owe you something. You have to earn what you get. A dose of realism is important for people growing their careers. Nothing comes easy. The bottom line is never, ever give up.” Well said!!

Remembering Past Days

My buddy’s wife just sent me this pic of him braving the chilly waters of southern Cal in December. Twenty years ago, as graduate students, Rob and I used to do this together! In fact, on December 11th 1995 I threw myself in the frigid San Diego waters to try to calm my nerves because that evening I had to defend my doctoral dissertation, the culmination of nearly four and a half years work. Thanks for the reminder Marla!

Providing a Better Education

Friedman’s thoughts in the Review section of this week’s Sunday New York Times are worth considering. American workers are increasingly less competitive with other nations like India, China, Singapore, Poland, and Germany to name a few. The problems are systemic. We simply don’t do a good enough job educating our children to compete in an increasingly globalized and competitive world. The top ten percent of America now take home fifty percent of the national income. Income inequality is increasing. One solution is to learn from other countries who do a better job of providing autonomy, accountability, and ownership on a teaching and student level and who spend more per capita on less advantaged children. Having worked in inner city environments for years I have seen firsthand the systemic issues that create dynamics where poor and underprivileged children fall far behind their wealthier piers even by age five and certainly by age ten. We can and must do better!

Enjoying Nature And Life

As a life coach, I encourage clients to spend more time in nature. Sometimes, I take people I am working with over bridges near where my parents live because the rushing water is so powerful that it makes it nearly impossible for them to remain in their heads – in other words, to have excessive thoughts. If we want to truly live, we need to get in more in our hearts and much less in our heads!  Just some food for thought!!

The Wonders of International Traveling

This New York Times Travel section article on Malta reminded me of why international travel is so amazing! The more you experience, the more you know! People who travel a lot and interact with different people, cultures and civilizations often learn that the world is dynamic, complex and super-interesting. Too many of us are bored in our every day lives. With so much diversity and so much to learn we can learn to live without ever being bored. Developing a sense of wonder, awe, and curiosity along with an expansive mindset is a foundation to really living. Not only have I traveled internationally quite often but I’ve lived in many different parts of the United States and loved it! It’s an amazing world and the U.S. is a big country – the more open minded and adventurous we are, the more we experience the wonder!